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Professionally, I’m a musician, composer & producer, creating music & sound in the seemingly unrelated nexus between underground electronic hiphop and big corporate media.

I spend most days in my Los Angeles, CA. USA studio writing music for clients including Nissan, Lexus, Sony, and Disney. I spend many nights producing both west coast and hi-fi Japanese hiphop.

You can hear me  on network TV 260 times a year as co-writer of the theme music for the longest running daytime drama in history, “General Hospital” (ABC), although you can’t watch it in real-time if you have a day job.

This past year I supplied a lot of the music that rocked the soundtracks to various  shows, starting the day off with Good Morning America, finishing the evening off with Nightline, and in between writing music for 20/20, The Revolution, and Sons Of Anarchy.

An improbably named song I wrote; “You’re The Freak” was nominated (it lost) for an Emmy award at the 2008 Creative Arts and Entertainment Emmy Awards show. 

Another Emmy nomination came in 2013 as part of the team for the “Outstanding achievement in music direction and composition for a Drama Series”. Once again I went home empty-handed.

So, no matter how fractured and undefined my life seems to get in all its technologically abstract agitation, it always comes back to:


Steve Hopkins